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Server Power Consumption Cost Exceeds the Cost of the Server – SO WHAT!

Saying a modern server uses too much power is like saying a train uses more power than a horse drawn wagon. Of course it does, but it also does way more work. Let's not forget what's important to the question of cost and that is simply how much work is the server performing?

“Why Haven’t All of You Adopted Amazon’s Cloud?”

“Why Haven’t All of You Adopted Amazon’s Cloud?” seems like the question Werner Vogels keeps asking ( Over the last year he’s made it clear several times that there is no such thing as a private cloud (I still disagree to some extent),  and also that we should all be adopting Amazon’s service.

Upgrading an existing Data Centre Part 3

Well its been a hard shift. Data Room 7 is nearly finished and ready for handover. It has been one of these projects where the hard bits have been easy and the easy bits have proven to be hard.The upgrade of the main incoming electrical supply which on the face of it was fraught with disaster actually went very well and gave us no issues at all, other than the fact that the day we planned it coincided with the heavy snow falls just prior to Xmas.

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