Warming up to my new Gig at ServiceMesh & a few notes about DCP

It’s been two weeks now and I’m still trying to get my head wrapped around my role, with a new company.  The product we offer creates so many opportunities in the infrastructure & cloud space that my head is constantly spinning with thoughts on more ways the tools can be put to use.  In my new role as VP of Data Center Strategy I’ll have several responsibilities, not the least of which is worrying about our own DC infrastructure going forward. In the near term though, but job will be to help ensure we’re partnering with the right people and that the best ideas from the real world of data centers are incorporated in our product. I’ll also be working with our customers to get them the best possible advice on how to plan their own operations as they move into the cloud.

A little about ServiceMesh

ServiceMesh is a small startup with a big (huge) opportunity in the cloud orchestration space. We’re working with some of the biggest customers helping them to solve their issues of moving to the cloud while maintaining standards, common interface, governance and policy, all while increasing execution efficiency. The offices are in Santa Monica & Austin, but I’ll be working out of my home in the Bay Area.

This new role is a significant departure for me. I’m going to be doing much more of the strategic visioning, and customer communication. I’ll also be more directly involved in product direction.  The beauty of this new arrangement is that I’ve found a role that uses my experience as a strategic advantage, not as an operational necessity. 

A Few Notes about DCP

I expect to keep doing my night job, which is working on Data Center Pulse. This group has taken on a life of it’s own and requires much more attention (for all the right reasons) than Dean and I would have ever dreamed in September of 2008 when the group was founded.  On an almost daily basis now folks are reaching out to us with opportunities to speak, contribute to product design or partner.  While we’re gratified at the value this group has created for the industry, we’re also worried about keeping up with demand. I can tell you that without the selfless (payless) contributions of our board of directors, our technical advisory board and some of our general members, we just wouldn’t be able to keep up. A few quick facts; DCP now has 1390 members, in over 45 countries, from 700+ companies.  We have signed partnerships or working agreements with several key industry organizations, like The Green Grid & 7X24 Exchange and we’re working on others.  

It’s a humbling experience to work with and learn from so many smart folks, all of whom are just trying to help do what’s best for their companies and the industry as a whole.  My hat is off to the membership of Data Center Pulse. I hope you’re getting as much from this deal as Dean and I are.