A Single Owner For The Company Data Center is Needed!

In a blog I wrote a few months back I used a Pyramid to illustrate what I believe is the basic breakdown of data center ownership by size of company. The largest data center owners (Google, Microsoft, etc) at the top of the Pyramid and the mid-sized to small data center owners at the bottom. The premise being that the largest amount of actual floor space is in the combined footprint of the companies at the bottom of the Pyramid. Assuming the Pyramid is accurate the companies in the upper third have enough floor space that they are probably at least looking at ways to make it more efficient, even if they don't have a "Data Center Owner" role defined. However, the majority of companies below that top 10-15% probably don't have a dedicated "DC Owner" and often don't have the necessary staff experience around running an efficient DC.

Why is the Pyramid important? I believe it shows that there is an enormous amount of data center space that isn't being given the type of care and feeding that data centers in the largest companies get. What's the risk associated with this group of companies below the 90% bracket of the Pyramid? The risks revolve around cost of ownership and business risk for their data centers. If these companies don't have dedicated owners for their DCs it stands to reason that there isn't anyone taking a holistic look at the end-to-end opportunity for improvement vis-a-vis the "Stack".  This lack of understanding of the cost and risk associated with owning your own facility means that we're missing our opportunity to do something positive for the environment and we're missing a chance to drive down OpEx and CapEx costs for our companies. 

What's our next step? We need to find ways to bring this issue to the forefront and get an audience with the right people in the organization. The historical target group (CIO, Director of Infrastructure & or DC Manager) aren't the correct audience we need to get this information in front of the CEO/CFO and even the stock holders. I don't know the best way to get there, but I'm certainly open to ideas!