Making A Change

It was a little less than a year and a half ago when I made the announcement that I was moving to ServiceMesh, now I've made another change. What the heck, do I have ADD? Well, I do have ADD, but that's not why I've made a move to a new company.

I joined ServiceMesh because I believed in their vision for cloud management and I still do. During my time there I was able to delve deeply into the world of cloud in general, and specifically as it applied to large enterprises. ServiceMesh was on to something when I joined, and that's not changed. They still have an amazing story in the cloud management space and it's only improving.

So How Did This Change Come About?

As part of my role at ServiceMesh I would occasionally work with partners, helping to develop an adoption strategy. Over the last few months I've been leading a project to do just that at Switch . It was during this project that it became obvious that my data center background, combined with cloud experience was the perfect fit to help Switch achieve its goals. So, while I have moved from ServiceMesh to Switch, it was more like an "employee" transfer than a resignation. At Switch I will have several responsibilities related to Data Center Tech, in combination with ensuring that the solution vision shared by ServiceMesh and Switch is realized. So, in effect, I'm working for both companies now.

Needless to say, I'm extremely excited about my new role. I'm back closer to the data center again, and I still get to play seriously in the cloud. The move to Switch was made easier by the fact that I believe they have the best data center solution on the market. So, as a data center guy, how could I resist.

If you find yourself in Vegas and would like to chat, be sure to look me up.



Don't forget to update your day job!

Good luck Mark.  At some point I would like to get out to Vegas and have an off the grid data center cchp summit.  Would you be interested in helping me organize or point me to the right people??



Re: don't forget to update our Day Job!

Hi Chris,

Thanks for the message and for the reminder to update my profile. I'd be happy to help organize something. Send me your thoughts and we'll go from there.