Data Centers, Networks, the Cloud and Portability, What's the Problem?

There's a growing concern in the Infrastructure community about our ability to take advantage of some of the opportunities associated with Cloud computing. The issue revolves around the generally static nature of our networks and security strategy and how current network solutions will limit our ability to adopt cloud sharing, easy DR, and cross cloud or cross site sharing.

What would happen if you moved a group of your virtual machines from one location to the other? Would they still function, would you have to do any remediation to the receiving environment? Unfortunately the transported VM's wouldn't be reachable and you would have to manually remediate the issue.

The problems associated with making true application/data center portability a reality are what recently brought together a group of folks at the SRI facility in Menlo Park CA. Some of the more notable in attendance where Vint Cerf, Bob Grossman, Dan Lynch and Stephen D. Crocker. This was a heady group, needless to say I was only there to do coffee refills and occasionally park cars.

There is a considerable amount of content on the subject of network and systems portability written up on the "Infrastructure 2.0" blogs. Including several contributions from yours truly. The working group attempted to outline the risks as they are preceived to be today and to identify opportunities for creating the "desired" state in the future. We will continue to hold these "Infrastructure 2.0" meetings for some time to come.

Look for more to come on this subject.