The Chill-Off, Carbon, GHG, Data Center Efficiency, and the DCP Stack, they're all Linked!

On Thursday 10/15/09, several members of the DCP board participated in the Silicon Valley Leadership Group (SVLG) Data Center Efficiency event in Sunnyvale at the NetApp campus. This event is a leading event in the valley for companies to highlight their achievements in improving the efficiency of data centers. I felt this year was especially interesting because DCP played such a big part. This years event drew over 400 attendees from government, press, industry and the end user community.

DCP highlighted the work being done with Chill-off 2, the DCP Data Center Stack, and we also participated in a "Carbon" panel.

The Chill-off, which you can read about through Brian Day's blog on this site is really a game changing effort. This is one of the few (if not the only) real world tests of it's kind that pits major Data Center equipment vendors/manufacturers against each other in an effort to prove whether their solutions are as efficient as promised. The Chill-Off session was at the end of the afternoon and it was a packed room with over 400 in attendance (my rough estimate).

Attendance for the DCP Data Center Stack session was also very good. We were a little worried that with other big name sessions occurring at the same time our new "Stack" idea might not get the attention we hoped it would. However, the team was pleasantly surprised as we saw the room fill with over 100 attendees. The feedback on the session was very positive, with people stopping the panelists throughout the afternoon to get more detail and to find out how they can participate in further Stack development. The Stack is gathering steam quickly and for those of us working to better the data centers for our companies this is a tool that is long over due. The Stack has the potential to greatly improve your messaging to the executive team, your internal and external partners,  and reduce risk to your environment.

DCP also participated in the "Carbon" panel. Here too, we were very surprised by the number of attendees. To the founders, board and many of the members of DCP the interest shown for the Carbon panel is gratifying as it highlights the rapid change our industry is undertaking. If the same panel had been held two years ago I don't think we would have seen more that 20-25% of the attendance that we did on Thursday. Lastly, I'm heartened by the fact that regardless of whether you discuss carbon because you're worried about the environment, worried about regulation or just trying to save money, in the end your worry should turn into improved focus on driving more efficiency into your data center and that's what we're all after.

The fact is whether you're reducing Carbon, buying the best solution (based on the Chill-Off results) or using the Stack to promote and manage change in the Data Center, it all adds up the same way, you're helping your company with the bottom line. 

If you attended the event I'd love to hear your feedback.