“Why Haven’t All of You Adopted Amazon’s Cloud?”

“Why Haven’t All of You Adopted Amazon’s Cloud?” seems like the question Werner Vogels keeps asking (http://bit.ly/9cw6RG). Over the last year he’s made it clear several times that there is no such thing as a private cloud (I still disagree to some extent),  and also that we should all be adopting Amazon’s service.

I like Werner and I like Amazon, but I do think it’s a little arrogant to just assume that because we say that Amazon’s cloud is the “one true cloud option” (Hallelujah) that it makes it so. In fact Amazon might have the best option available today for some workloads, but the truth is there isn’t any one cloud that solves everyone’s problems.

The average CIO still is not convinced that the cloud providers in the market today care as much about their applications as they do. There’s also the question of security. While I generally agree that most hosted cloud solutions are safer than an enterprise environment, it takes time to prove that out to everyone’s unique comfort level.  

There’s also the little fact that moving an application is often times very costly and potentially interruptive. In most cases CIOs are going to look for a natural evolutionary event to justify moving their key apps into the cloud instead of forcing the issue just because they can. The cost of maintaining an inefficient architecture in most cases is just a fraction of the cost of the potential business interruption and or the work of doing the migration.

Time will tell whether Amazon can solve everyone’s problems, but yelling at us about it won’t make it happen any sooner.  In the mean time there will be a strong push by enterprises to gain as much benefit as they can from utilizing a combination of cloud solutions, including internal private cloud.


Mark Good piece, my thoughts


Good piece, my thoughts recently have been directed toward that old chesnut, security......not virtual, but physical.

How many cloud service providers out there are providing transparency and traceability back to the data center??

Given recent outages, a little more investment is very much required!!