eBay Modular Data Center RFP, Round 2!


It seems like forever since I have had a chance to blog! Needless to say, we've been absolutely swamped with business growth and pushing innovation as far as we can take it!

One year ago this month we tried an innovative modular RFP process which opened up the design of the new eBay Phoenix Data Center to the industry. As I write this blog, we are knee deep in the commissioning of this ground breaking design dubbed Project Mercury. The challenge we put out through Data Center Pulse has yielded one of our most innovative designs to date. The goal was to unleash the creative minds in the design and consulting arena by outlining the business and technical challenges then letting them tackle the "how". I am proud to announce that the process works. It works very well! The collaborative, partnership nature of this project has made it one of the best I have ever worked on. Barriers were shattered, competitors became partners, and the impossible became possible while the project rapidly evolved and our design requirements were exceeded. But I digress! This blog entry is not to announce the details of Project Mercury (more on that in Oct/Nov as we open it up). This blog is a heads up to the industry that eBay will be kicking off round two of the Modular RFP process! But this time, we're taking it to the next level - Salt Lake City, Phase II!



The process will begin August 19, 2011! Let the design competition begin! Stay tuned to the Data Center Pulse YouTube channel and the modular RFP page for more information. For more information, please email modular@ebay.com.