DCP 2012 Top 10

Have you ever wondered what is on the mind of Data Center End Users? Why they make the decisions they make? What problems they are trying to solve?  What keeps them up at night? Back in 2009, Data Center Pulse took a shot at capturing those thoughts through the 2009 Top 10. Over the last three years, this list has morphed as the interests, challenges and solutions emerged.

Today we are pleased to release the 2012 Top 10 that I was able to present at the Green Grid Technical Forum on March 7, 2012 in San Jose, CA. The 2012 Top 10 was vetted with the attendees of the DCP Summit held in conjunction with the Green Grid. DCP members discussed and debated the Top 10 along with the primary topics selected by attendees - The Green Grid Case Study on Project Mercury (video) and the Service Efficiency Metric Proposal. You can see the results from the Summit on my latest blog entry, DCP 2012 Summit Results.


2012 Top 10

  1. Facilities & IT Alignment
  2. Top Level Efficiency Metric
  3. Standardized Stack Framework
  4. Move from Availability to Resiliency
  5. Renewable Power Options
  6. "Containers" vs Brick & Mortar
  7. Hybrid Data Center Designs
  8. Liquid Cooled IT Equipment Options
  9. Free Cooling "Everywhere"
  10. Converged Infrastructure Intelligence.

The Top 10 is the current pulse of what is hot, interesting, challenging or emerging from the DCP community. We were able to record the Top 10 presentation I gave at the Green Grid Technical Forum closing session. The presentation showed how the Top 10 list has morphed over time as End User interests and challenges have changed, as well as provide context on each of the entries.

The DCP charter is to influence the industry through end users. We hope this latest Top 10 will give you insight into what is important right now - i.e. The Pulse.



Amazing what has changed in only four years

I couldn't agree more with the list though I was surprised that cooling was so far down on the list. It seems to me that data center cooling has made it's way to the forefront of server users and owners. I recently purchased #AmeriCool portable air conditioner systems for my own server room, with the advice of my IT team and I would have never thought about this a few years ago. I was so interested with the change of the list over the years. It doesn't feel like that much has changed but it's obvious that it has. Thanks for this post it was very interesting.