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Testing continues for Knurr Cool Therm

Testing continues for the Knurr CoolTherm rack.  Several metering issues arose during the first week and a half of testing that have been identified and mostly resolved.  The last issue (flow meter reporting) is being resolved today (6/12).  We expect to continue with official testing next week and are targeting Friday (6/19) or Monday (6/22) to complete the CoolTherm test.   Given our experience with Chill Off 1, we expected the first test to take the longest to get set up as we work through the various issues with connecting and testing all of the components.&nbsp

Testing under way!

I am very excited to announce that we began testing and collecting data last week for the Knurr Cool Therm single rack configuration!  Since Thursday (5/28) we have been running through the various chilled water and server inlet air temp set points to verify there are no issues with the entire system (mechanical, electrical, Cool Therm unit, servers, and data collection/reporting system).  All system components have been working as expected.  Geoffrey returns Wednesday (6/3), at which point we will reset to to the initial test set point and begin collecting official study data on Thursday (6/4).  We expect to wrap the Cool Therm test by 6/10 and move quickly to Knurr's Cool Loop next. 

See the latest DCP YouTube channel posting about CoolTherm below:

In this episode Dean Nelson interviews Heiko Ebermann, the Global Product Manager of Thermal Systems with Kneurr. Their CoolTherm product is the first to be tested in the chill off 2. It is a contained water cooled rack up to 35kW in 37U.

Testing set to begin this week!

We're almost there!  With all the hard work over the past few months to get the Chill Off 2 test environment set up and operational it is very exciting to be so close to getting the testing kicked off.  All of the suppliers involved (will be listing them here) have done a tremendous job of volunteering their time and resources to get this test set up.  We met this morning and the site is operational.  A few tasks remain to get the first test kicked off on Thursday:

Construction Continues

Construction continued this week on the Chill Off test area on Sun Microsystem’s Santa Clara, CA campus. Chilled water piping and electrical conduit is going in now. Carsten Dietze from Knuerr will be on site next week to assist as we begin hooking up the Knuerr Cool Therm solution! I am still negotiating test slots with a few of the vendors (everybody wants a vacation in summer =) and expect to nail that down this week or next. Brian

Chill Off 2 - Schedule Update

Hi folks, I am still working on the overall schedule for the Chill Off 2. Right now we are looking at getting testing kicked off in early April and continuing through July. The ordering I'm looking at right now is: 1) Knuerr Cool Therm
2) Rittal Enclosed (2 rack config)
3) IBM Integrated Solution
4) IBM Rear Door Solution
5) Knuerr Cool Loop (2 rack config)
6) Knuerr Cool Loop (8 rack config)
7) APC Rack Containment
8) APC Hot Aisle Containment (8 rack config)
9) Sun Glacier (refrigerant)
10) Clustered Systems (refrigerant)
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