Data Center Pulse Global Summit, California 2009 - RESULTS

February 17-19, 2009 - Santa Clara, CA


Data Center Pulse is non-profit global organization of experienced individuals who face similar challenges and share common interests around the purchase and consumption of products and services in the data center. We are independent, neutral, unified voice creating common themes that organize the thoughts, challenges and needs of the end-user community to influence the Data Center & IT industries. We are the Data Center customers.


The goal of this summit was to engage the global community to discuss, debate and rapidly report the top interest areas of the membership. The membership selected the topics of Alignment, Certification, Cloud Computing, Emerging Cooling Technologies, Power and Metrics. The interaction incorporated face-to-face in California, and on-line globally with localized final content review in the Netherlands and India. The presentations below were presented to the industry just 36 hours after the summit working sessions. For more details on the summit, see this DCP Blog Entry


     [ pdf | video: (part1) (part2) ]   Top 10
     [ pdf | video: (part1) (part2) ]   Data Center Metrics
     [ pdf | video: (part1) (part2) ]   Data Center Certification
     [ pdf | video ]   The Power Trip
     [ pdf | video ]   Fanless Server
     [ pdf | video ]   Cloud Computing
     [ pdf | video ]   Alignment


       1. Align Industry Organizations - Global Consortium
       2. Data Center Certification Standard
       3. Standard Data Center Stack
       4. Update or Dump the Tier Levels
       5. More Products Enabling Modularity
       6. Simple Top Level Efficiency Metric
       7. End to End IT/Facilities Measurement
       8. Standard Conductive Cooling Interface
       9. 480/277V Power Supplies
       10. Independent Data Center Repository