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Saturday, April 18th

Sat, 4/18/15 @ 14:30 - From Data Center Knowledge

Here are some of the most popular stories on Data Center Knowledge this week Read More

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Friday, April 17th

Fri, 4/17/15 @ 23:11 - From ZDNet

caution : if your smart phone battery low and off, possibility your game save data loss.[[ How to Play!! ]]* Touch the dirt in the...

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Fri, 4/17/15 @ 13:03 - From Data Center Knowledge

Changes release cycle to synchronous updates every two months, releases Windows support Read More

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Fri, 4/17/15 @ 13:32 - From Data Center Knowledge

Global colocation data center footprint will grow over 40 million square feet to 150 million square feet and revenue will grow over 60 percent between now and 2017 Read More

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Fri, 4/17/15 @ 12:24 - From Data Center Knowledge

Company plans to invest $1 billion in new Council Bluffs data center Read More

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Fri, 4/17/15 @ 11:40 - From Data Center Knowledge

Company plans to add final two pods on its existing Oregon data center campus, about one week after reports of a potential brand new data center project nearby Read More

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Fri, 4/17/15 @ 08:00 - From Data Center Knowledge

California giant invests in 40MW solar project together with SunPower and four Chinese firms Read More

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Fri, 4/17/15 @ 08:15 - From Data Center Knowledge

Data Center Knowledge cartoon caption contest. Submit your caption and vote on last week's submissions. Read More

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Fri, 4/17/15 @ 08:30 - From Data Center Knowledge

ServiceNow automates and manages global enterprise services and relationships. The inclusion of RightScale extends the platform into cloud infrastructure management, acting as a central console for enterprise IT transformation Read More

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Fri, 4/17/15 @ 07:00 - From Data Center Knowledge

Brings education on IT, facilities, power, and cooling under one roof Read More

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Thursday, April 16th

Thu, 4/16/15 @ 21:01 - From Data Center Knowledge

RagingWire’s third California data center one of 10 in the works around the world Read More

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Thu, 4/16/15 @ 03:31 - From ZDNet

Google, Yandex, and Microsoft have already all set up datacentres in Nokia's homeland. With natural advantages in energy, climate, and tax, could Finland be the promised land for datacentres?

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Wednesday, April 15th

Wed, 4/15/15 @ 23:10 - From ZDNet

Hooked is designed to answer a simple question: how much time do you spend using each of the apps on your phone? The answer might surprise...

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Wed, 4/15/15 @ 22:20 - From ZDNet

Trepn Profiler is a power and performance profiling application for mobile devices. It is designed to help you identify apps that hog...

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Saturday, April 11th

Sat, 4/11/15 @ 14:30 - From Data Center Knowledge

Here are some of this week's most popular stories on Data Center Knowledge Read More

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Sat, 4/11/15 @ 09:33 - From INFRARATI

The importance of data centers for society has changed. Public life, economy, and society as a whole depend to a very large extend on the proper functioning of data centers, and they can be seen as a critical infrastructure that is also intertwined with other critical infrastructures. This creates societal and “moral” pressure and obligation to demonstrate leadership in creating a sustainable society.

It is an endeavor to create a sustainable data center; a data center that is environmentally viable, economically equitable, and socially bearable. That is because it is not a technical problem but an organizational and economic problem that has to be solved. The scope of this issue goes well beyond the walls of the data center.

There are lots of opportunities to improve the efficiency in the IT and data center supply chain. Doing more with less by removing inefficiency can help to reduce the rate of resource depletion and emission and e-waste. Energy efficiency improvements downstream can lead to enormous improvements for the whole supply chain because of multiplier effects upstream. Replacing carbon-based electricity with electricity based on renewable energy and hydro energy sources can bring CO2 emissions to zero. But that is not good enough.

We have to deal with the “Jevons paradox,” where increases in the efficiency of using a resource tend to increase the usage of that resource and the trends of “digitization of everything” and “anytime, anywhere, anyone connected.” These trends cause a staggering demand for digital services that will be delivered mostly by data centers.

The demand and growth will be unsustainable if we continue to use the old industrial production system based on nineteenth century ideas and concepts of make, take and waste.

If data center suppliers and IT organizations understand the necessity of sustainable production and want to fulfill the growing demand of digital services, then they have to change.

They have to change to a more sophisticated industrial production system by closing the loop: convert the linear production system to a circular system based on use, reuse, remanufacturing, and recycling. Focusing on performance and value in terms of customer-determined benefits will also create the need to make a transition from a goods-dominant logic to a service-dominant logic where suppliers deliver services not goods.

The philosophy of cradle to cradle and service-dominant logic fit very well together by selling results rather than equipment and performance and satisfaction rather than products. To make this possible, one has to broaden his scope beyond the data center. The supply chain should be tightly integrated. The supply chain has to be co-designed and co-developed with the suppliers and customers based on customer pull instead of supplier push.

Creating a sustainable data center calls for innovation. It, therefore, needs a multidisciplinary approach and different views and perspectives, within and between organizations, in order to close the loop and create a sustainable supply chain.

To create sustainable data centers, seven activities can be defined:

  1. Moving toward zero waste: at first the focus should be on the internal efficiency and later on the customer must be involved to reduce underutilization and overprovisioning, and life cycle analysis must be implemented.
  2. Increasingly diminish emissions along the supply chain: identify and evaluate externalities/social costs and act on this by creating sustainable procurement policies.
  3. Increasing efficiency and using more and more renewable energy: introduction of energy management, renewable energy deals with power suppliers, use of local renewable energy, and introduction of the emergy concept.
  4. Closing-loop recycling: take back procurement policy, introduction of reverse logistics, and “design for the environment.”
  5. Resource efficient placement and transportation: reevaluation of data center centralization and economy of scale concept versus economy of repetition and distributed data center concept.
  6. Creating commitment: involvement of stakeholders in the transformation to a new industrial production system.
  7. Redesign commerce: conversion to service-dominant logic and supply chain integration downstream and upstream by co-design and co-production.

Is this endeavor impossible? I don’t think so. It is more a question of commitment. Rethink the “data center equation” of “people, planet, profit” and prepare yourself and your organization to climb Mount Sustainability.

For more information read “Data center 2.0: The sustainable data center”


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Friday, April 10th

Fri, 4/10/15 @ 11:12 - From Data Center Knowledge

Startup says new funds will fuel global expansion Read More

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Fri, 4/10/15 @ 11:45 - From Data Center Knowledge

Report suggests concerns around international customers severing ties with U.S. based hosting and cloud companies “overblown” Read More

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Fri, 4/10/15 @ 09:00 - From Data Center Knowledge

Active Archive is a turnkey object storage system that enables businesses to easily store, retain, and use data Read More

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Fri, 4/10/15 @ 09:15 - From Data Center Knowledge

Oregon was home to Google's first initiative to build energy efficient infrastructure in 2006. The new facility is double the size of that first one. Read More

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Fri, 4/10/15 @ 08:00 - From Data Center Knowledge

QTS is the largest data center player in Atlanta metro. It has been filing paperwork with the city for an undeveloped lot adjacent to its mega data center. Read More

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Fri, 4/10/15 @ 08:30 - From Data Center Knowledge

Kip and Gary have the empty cage…what are they going to do with it? Read More

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Fri, 4/10/15 @ 07:30 - From Data Center Knowledge

Companies pack unprecedented 123 billion bits on square inch of magnetic tape Read More

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Fri, 4/10/15 @ 05:00 - From Data Center Knowledge

General-purpose machine-learning service can be used to predict hardware failures, temperature fluctuations, and more Read More

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Thursday, April 9th

Thu, 4/9/15 @ 20:46 - From ZDNet

Features:24 X 7 Access to Key Reports from Tally DataKey Performance Reports with ChartsNo Accounting Know How requiredMultiple Platform...

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Thu, 4/9/15 @ 10:33 - From Data Center Knowledge

Like other enterprises, looks to technology as way to add value Read More

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Wednesday, April 8th

Wed, 4/8/15 @ 21:09 - From ZDNet

Tetris meets scrabble - Rainy Word is beautifully designed and very addictive word puzzle game.Feel the special and beautiful word...

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Wed, 4/8/15 @ 21:09 - From ZDNet

Blueprint Pro is a control center for your business. The specialized app for small businesses, which combines powerful project managements...

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Wed, 4/8/15 @ 10:21 - From ZDNet

This one happened at the hands of employees in AT&T's own customer service call centers in Mexico, Colombia and the Philippines.

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Wed, 4/8/15 @ 02:55 - From ZDNet

The taxi booking service provider is setting aside US$100 million over the next few years to fund a research facility, tapping data analytics and identify market trends to drive its growth strategy.

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Sunday, April 5th

Sun, 4/5/15 @ 21:01 - From ZDNet

Dell is hoping to woo SMBs to its data centers and networks while offering them access to a larger, more competitive option that could help them scale better and faster.

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Saturday, April 4th

Sat, 4/4/15 @ 14:37 - From ZDNet

Home improvement business owners the ImproveIT 360 Mobile App helps your team be more effective and productive and its free to all...

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Sat, 4/4/15 @ 14:05 - From Data Center Knowledge

Here are some of the most popular stories on Data Center Knowledge this week Read More

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Sat, 4/4/15 @ 11:25 - From ZDNet

KS2 Maths Bash is designed for Primary students ages 8-11 in the UK.It follows the UK National Curriculum.Math Bash offers students...

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Sat, 4/4/15 @ 11:53 - From ZDNet

Welcome to the Indian Law Programs and Schools Application! Indian Law Programs is a iPhone/iPod/iPad application that contains data...

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Friday, April 3rd

Fri, 4/3/15 @ 09:00 - From Data Center Knowledge

The two distinct IT management environments are now integrated using a common set of APIs. Read More

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Fri, 4/3/15 @ 08:00 - From Data Center Knowledge

Market forces like DCIM, Internet of Things, and cloud have deeply influenced the company primarily known for RFID asset tags. It's been a year of change for product, people, and now pricing. Read More

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Fri, 4/3/15 @ 08:30 - From Data Center Knowledge

Well folks, it’s hard to believe but the end of the work week is here! Let’s have some pre-Easter fun with our Data Center Knowledge Caption Contest. Here’s how it works: Diane Alber, the Arizona artist who created Kip and Gary, creates a cartoon and we challenge our readers to… Read More

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Fri, 4/3/15 @ 05:00 - From Data Center Knowledge

Here are some of the most popular stories Data Center Knowledge published in March Read More

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Thursday, April 2nd

Thu, 4/2/15 @ 12:00 - From Data Center Knowledge

Despite US government claims that it has “reinvigorated” its vulnerability disclosure policies, the newest relevant policy document for the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) is from 2010. Read More

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Thu, 4/2/15 @ 12:30 - From Data Center Knowledge

Large powered shell will provide 120,000 square feet of data center space with 12 megawatts of critical power at full build-out Read More

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Thu, 4/2/15 @ 11:02 - From Data Center Knowledge

In light of Nebula's demise, having more things in the toolbox is crucial for any OpenStack-focused vendor. Read More

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Thu, 4/2/15 @ 10:04 - From Data Center Knowledge

After an initial $90 million financing round last summer, the company secured another $52 million from the VC Read More

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Thu, 4/2/15 @ 10:23 - From Data Center Knowledge

Microsoft extends contract with Chinese data center service provider Read More

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Tuesday, March 31st

Tue, 3/31/15 @ 10:54 - From Information Technology Strategic Thinking

Technology and how we consume it is changing faster than we know it. Need proof? Just look at the announcement last night between IBM & Weather Company. It was just a short 4.5 months ago that I was sitting in … Continue reading →

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Tue, 3/31/15 @ 07:36 - From ZDNet

A new bill is sitting on the desk of Oregon's Governor Kate Brown, awaiting her signature, and is heralded as the trigger event that will restart data center development in the state.

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Tue, 3/31/15 @ 06:11 - From ZDNet

Samsung Electronics is said to have signed an agreement to produce its 3D NAND SSDs for Google's data centers, in a deal said to be "sizeable".

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Friday, March 27th

Fri, 3/27/15 @ 04:09 - From ZDNet

Oracle, VCE and Cisco dominated the standards as integrated system sales surged in the fourth quarter and 2014.

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Thursday, March 26th

Thu, 3/26/15 @ 04:51 - From ZDNet

Main campus data center will complement medical center facility previously announced.

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Tuesday, March 24th

Tue, 3/24/15 @ 04:45 - From ZDNet

The Helion Rack includes infrastructure and platform services designed to host mission critical cloud apps.

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