Stack Focus Area

On November 15, Data Center Pulse presented the second iteration of the Stack at the 2009 SVLG Energy Summit. Below is the presentation for viewing and discussion on future development.

In this video, Dean Nelson talks with Jeremy Rodriguez, the Co-Chair of the Data Center Pulse Technical Advisory Board (TAB), about the development of the Stack Framework. The Stack is an output of the DCP Summit in February, 2009. It is a common and holistic way to look at the all layers of the datacenter stack, their dependencies on each other and their impact on the overall datacenter efficiency. The ultimate goal is for DCP users to define and adopt a standard way of defining and measuring all components of the datacenter. The development work is underway with a target of adoption by January 1, 2010.

Goals of the Stack

  • Treat the data center as a common system which can be easily described & measured

  • Provide a common framework to describe, communicate, & innovate data center thinking between Owner/Operators peers & the Industry

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Stack Framework Model (v2.0)

DCP-Stack Version 1.2