About Data Center Pulse

About Data Center Pulse

Data Center Pulse (DCP) is a growing, non-profit, datacenter industry community founded on the principles of sharing best practices amongst its exclusive membership. Founded in late 2008, DCP is quickly becoming an industry nexus for the explosive datacenter industry’s operators and influencers. DCP’s mission is to align end users to share information thereby influencing the industry by defining, adopting and driving best practices and next generation solutions. The DCP members are the individuals that evaluate, recommend and purchase the products and services for the datacenter. They represent billions of dollars of annual purchases that drive the IT economy.

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Data Center Pulse (DCP) was formed September 13, 2008. DCP is an exclusive group of global datacenter owners, operators and users. The goal of this community is to track the pulse and influence the datacenter industry through end users.

The power of this group is their opinion and influence on activities and trends in the industry. These members and their respective companies make up the bulk of global data center purchases. They drive the Datacenter economy. Tens if not hundreds of billions of dollars are either spent or driven by their activities. Their opinions and their needs should be foremost on the minds of every company trying to sell into this space.


Data Center Pulse

Membership will NOT be provided to vendor consultants or individuals with primary roles in a sales, marketing or business development capacity will be allowed to join the group. Members must participate, or be responsible for, one or more of the following within their own company.

  • Data Center Strategy
  • Data Center Architecture/Design
  • Data Center Operations
  • Data Center Efficiency
  • Data Center Sustainability
  • Data Center Use

This is strictly enforced by the Board of Directors to ensure that the community stays end-user focused. To join you must add yourself to the Data Center Pulse LinkedIn group.

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Data Center Pulse: INDUSTRY

The goal of this group is to provide feedback from questions, concerns and inquiries from the Data Center Pulse Core group of owners and operators. This group does not have restrictions on who can join and participate. To join, you must add yourself to the Data Center Pulse: INDUSTRY LinkedIN group.

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